Atlético Madrid – Real Sociedad 2:1

It was not at all for Atlético Madrid, but it was easy to do at all. In the end, he confirmed the role of a favorite only thanks to Antoine Griezmann’s decisive goal just two minutes before the end. Real Sociedad did not perform poorly at all, even winning the half, but he Energybet could not hold the toughest possible lead, and lost in fifth place in unforgiving Madrid.

The homeworkers came into this confrontation in a rather embarrassing way. After a quarter of a game, Partey made a schooling mistake, which he put in the middle of the field with Xabi Prietta, who left the ball to Williams José at sixteen, but he missed the missed Energybet position. A few moments later, Oblak had to eliminate another chance of Xabi Prieta.

San Sebastian has basically earned a reward in half an hour. The cloud in its own penalty area intimidated the penetrating Mike Oyarzabal, and the Santiago Jaime Judge pointed at the white spot. Willian José, who chose a hard ending in the middle of the gate, took the penalty and paid off. The ball went smoothly into the net.

For the first time, Atlético managed to more severely threaten the opponent’s shrine up to eight minutes before the break. Correa matured to an off-track trap, appeared Energybet completely alone in front of goalkeeper Rullim, but he ran out of time and caught him. The Argentine forvard dropped another opportunity two minutes before, and again failed at Rull’s attentive.

Not to be missed, Correa appeared in the 49th minute in the unloaded position once again. Koke had his goal at the end of the goal area at sixteen and was only calm and playable, but the subsequent attempt was incomprehensible only on the stands. At 57 minutes Koke was trying to balance himself, but Rulli was in place between three rods.

63 minutes into the game, the home side was scored by Energybet regular fans. Sauli’s Filipe Luis put the ball behind his right foot and headed for the far side of the ball. In the 88th minute, Griezmann pulled the lead to Atlética’s side, but the bar did not have the problem to hit the bar when Saúl’s ball was extended.